Overnight/ PostPartum Reusable Cloth Pads

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Save money and the environment by switching to reusable products. This size is to help give you more coverage overnight, or for a super heavy period. They are 30cm (12in) long, and made with a Flannelette top,  flannel and bamboo fleece core, a hidden PUL - waterproof layer, with a cotton backing for slight grip on your undies.

They are made with wings that snap underneath your undies - with 2 snaps for width variation. The wings are towards one end, this is because some people bleed more to the front or back, and also as they may slide back a little, so you will have more coverage at the front

Backing fabric and snaps may be different colour than in photos - Please add a comment to your order if you have a preference on these colours. The wings on my pattern are slightly to one end, if you prefer them centred please add a comment at checkout.

Care Instructions: (A card will come with your purchase)
Reusable Cloth Pads, are surprisingly simple to use. Once used, store either wet or dry. They can be rinsed in your shower to save wasting water, then keep in a Wetbag or bucket until laundry day. You then put on a rinse cycle in the machine before washing as normal with other laundry items

*Before first time use - please soak overnight in plain water, this will help the inner fabrics to reach to their full absorbency*

Wet bags are available  and are described as snack bags

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