Helping you achieve your waste free goals

I am Lisa, a mum by day and sewer by night 

I was an English nanny, who found my future husband in a backpackers in Sicily.
I moved to Australia 14years ago to be with him, and we now have a lovely home, and 2 beautiful boys. I am an Anxiety sufferer. And sewing is my safe place. 

I have always been a sewer, and was raised in an eco-conscious household, so a love for the environment and sewing was engrained in me from a very young age. 

Branches Of Me is my 2nd passion, next to my family. But pretty close!
I sew when i can, for both my mental clarity and importantly for sharing the love of eco products. I am keen to help other family's find a way to switch to a reusable lifestyle, and finding ways to reduce waste from landfill.

I hope you find what you need on your journey to becoming a less waste household