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Whether you call them unpaper or non-paper towels, these absorbent cloth kitchen towels will do a better job, as you can re-use and re-use without tearing and with excellent absorbency

** This towel roll is pre-made and ready to roll **

These Christmas towels are made with a flat woven cotton top instead of the usual flannelette. This does not affect their use, only their look.

You receive 10 towels on the roll. There are 3 snaps on each side to keep them in place and a plastic inner roll to fit on a standard paper towel holder. They are made to match a standard paper towel - app 9x9.5in. 

Reusable Kitchen towels are so handy to have on the kitchen bench for many purposes, including children's spills and messy hands as well for dishes and benches. They also make a great replacement for wet wipes

There is an option to make them even more eco-friendly and environmentally considerate. You can choose whether you would like fresh new towels, or recycled towels from charity shops (titled 'preloved'). I chose those towels that appear like new, but means we save on the environmental cost of producing more towels.



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