Sinchies Reusable Pouches
Sinchies Reusable Pouches

Sinchies Reusable Pouches

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Here are 2 options for Sinchies pouches:

-A set of 5 colourful 140mls 

-A mixed pack - an opportunity to see which size suits you best

Ready to fill with your little one’s favourite, healthy food! And anything else you can think of.

  • The 80ml pouch size is a great lunchbox size, yoghurt serve and perfect on international flights with the 100ml liquid restriction! Featuring a single ziplock top these are best suited to thicker products like yoghurt, custard and sunblock
  • Our 140ml pouch size is the a great lunchbox size & perfect size for baby food puree, yoghurt, smoothies, custard, fruit mixes, and even toiletries when travelling.  Featuring a double ziplock top these are super strong!
  • The 200ml size is the perfect size for older children, parents, grandparents or littlies with a healthy appetite. Featuring a double ziplock top these are super strong!

Both packs come with a handy 1lt size:

The 1litre size is our ultimate filling tool or accessory, great to fill your other pouches with. Or fill them with your favourite, healthy home cooking for an easy storage solution. Use them for storing bulk amounts of yoghurt, soups, stock’s, juice’s, milk’s and lots more!

Save money by making your own yoghurt, jelly or fruit squeezies, even baby food pouches and dispense it into these awesome reusable food pouches

All Sinchies Pouches are;

  • Freezer and Dishwasher Safe, Free from BPA, Phthalate and PVC, these on the run food pouches are handy and easy to use
  • Featuring a ziplock top, fill to line and handy contents label
  • All our pouches are clear/see through so you can easily see if they’re clean 


Eco friendly – With the environment in mind, minimal packaging and biodegradable or recyclable materials have been used.


Ensure young children are supervised when using this product! It contains small parts (the lid/cap) which children could swallow or choke on. We recommend purchasing the child safe anti choke lids if using this product for little ones.