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Ready To Ship - Women Strong Pad Set

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Thank you for viewing my Handmade Cloth pads
Save money and the environment by switching to reusable products. 
This is a set of 3 sizes:

Pantyliner: 16cm long: Flannelette top - cotton towelling Core - Flannelette backing
(No PUL in pantyliners unless requested)

Liner: 21cm Flannelette top - cotton towelling Core - Flannelette backing
(No PUL unless requested)

Regular: 23cm Flannelette top - bamboo core - hidden PUL - cotton backing

Care Instructions: (A card will come with your purchase)
Reusable Cloth Pads, are surprisingly simple to use. Once used, Just store either wet or dry - they can be rinsed in your shower to save water, then keep in a Wetbag or bucket until laundry day. Or simply kept in a bucket with a lid. When ready, put on a rinse cycle in the machine, before adding your usual laundry and wash as normal

*Before first time use - soak the pads overnight in plain water, this will help the inner fabrics to reach their full absorbency*

Wet bags are available to keep your fresh and soiled pads in when out and about