Ditching the paper towel

Paper towel is such a common product in most households. And it is used for so many purposes, for many people. But have you ever thought about the waste?

Paper towel is NOT recyclable as the fibres are too short to be recycled and they are usually contaminated, however you can put them in the compost. For families who love to use paper towel for multiple purposes, imagine how much waste is in your red bin, and how much room there could be saved if you chose an alternative...

To some, it might not seem like a big deal for some small pieces of paper towel to go in the bin, but have you ever thought about the waste paper towels in the production process?

To make paper towels you need:
🌳 Trees
💧 Water
🧪 Chemicals
🪨 Fuel
⚡️ Electricity
🏭 And then there is the pollution caused to the atmosphere in the manufacturing processes
🚛 And finally, in the transportation from factories to homes. 

The good news is, you don't have to use them! There are alternatives, and they don't always have to cost money. You can switch to wash cloths or tea towels. Or purchase products such as those in the clearance section of my website
What about the washing?
Surprisingly there really is not much more than before. I do not soak my wash cloths. I simply throw them into a little tub in the laundry sink and add them to my daily laundry. As simple at that. For some you may prefer to rinse them off first and leave them wet, or soak them, this is personal preference
Uses for non - paper towel
There are so many! I get excited thinking about waste saved from these cloths.
✔️ Wet-wipes
✔️ Dishcloths
✔️ Paper Towel
✔️ Serviettes
✔️ Even Tissues 
Do you wipe the highchair down with wetwipes or kitchen towel? Why not switch to a washable cloth? Simply have it wet ready next to your child’s meal, and when they're done you have your wipe ready - It's just about changing habits.

In my wipes section of the website you will find a few options. My most popular and loved, is my NON-paper towel. This is my favourite product to make, as it excites me how much waste and pollution they can save by simply switching out the paper towel. My 1 roll of non-paper towel has lasted 3 years. And during that time, I have purchased 2 packets of wet wipes - for travelling, and 2 packets of kitchen towel (I can’t convince my husband to Clean the BBQ with something else… YET !!!! But you can save older ones for that purpose really.. Where this is a will there is a way..!)

So do you think you're ready to give up the paper towel and try an earth friendly, bin friendly, budget friendly option? It's the eco swap you wish you had done so much sooner
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