Reusable breast pads

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One of the best things about Washable and reusable breast pads is when you have baby brain and accidentally throw your bra in the wash with the pads still in them = they get washed at the same time !

Instead of buying disposable pads at the shop and throwing them in the bin, you get to reuse these pads over and over, helping save money and the environment too..

They are 3.5in. I choose Suede cloth for the layer against the skin instead of bamboo, as it is a quick drying fabric keeping the skin feeling dry and preventing a damp environment. Bamboo and flannel are used in the core for absorbency, and a waterproof (pul) backing to prevent leaking through your clothes They are sewn on the inside encouraging the edges to curve in for more subtle wearing


***Fabrics are chosen from fabric scraps to save waste - therefore some colour options may not be available*** For first use - Soak overnight in water only before use - this will help kickstart the absorbency in the fabrics. Washing instructions are on the biodegradable packaging, which is used to help keep the Breastpads Sanitary

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