Collection: Handmade Reusable Swim Nappies ~ Larger & Disability Range

My reusable swim nappies are handmade with utmost care and attention to detail. They are designed to cater to everyone, including larger sizes so that nobody misses out on swimming.

The nappies are crafted using a waterproof outer fabric called PUL, along with a soft and thin liner inside. These nappies do not have any inside absorbency, as thick absorbent fabrics would become too heavy and take on water. The nappy shell is designed to work on its own, without requiring anything underneath, and will catch any unwanted accidents. As long as there is a snug seal on the legs and waist, everything that happens inside will stay inside.

The nappies come with 4 adjustable snap sizes that allow you to bring them tighter or looser, with elastic all the way around so they can be pulled up and down or snapped open and closed.