The face behind Branches Of Me

Branches of me is about helping you achieve your less-waste goals

I am passionate about making change, making our earth a cleaner and healthier planet for our children to live in. I consider my environmental impact in every decision i make, for both my home life and within my business.

♻️ My products are designed to help you and your family become aware of this too; by using reusable products, the need for disposable items will become less. And with each swap, whether large or small, less waste is going to landfill

🧵  When making your products, I love to use preloved fabrics. As not only does this give these old fabrics a second life, but it also prevents the need for new fabrics to be created, and therefore avoiding the environmental cost caused by production. However, I do always offer the option of new fabrics incase this is the preference for your home.

📦 With the waste that comes from my business, every scrap is saved. Whether it can go in the compost bin, reused for smaller products, used in my packaging, or given to other crafters to use. When it comes to packaging your products, i choose to use either compostable, reusable or recyclable materials, with the hope they are disposed of in the right way. And then finally my preference is to send your products with Sendle, as they promise a carbon neutral delivery

I hope this message and my passion comes through in my sewing and the products i create for you. I congratulate you on being aware of your environmental footprint, whether you are experienced or just beginning. My products are here for you, and hope to be a contributing factor on your effort to ditch disposables 

Thank you for taking the time to look through my website, and for considering Branches Of Me for that change