Collection: Toilet Training Undies

My handmade training undies are perfect for the transitioning stage from nappies to undies.  Or perhaps you have undies covered when at home, but nervous about accidents when you are out..?

They are made of stretchy cotton lycra with an inner core. The inner core consists of 2 absorbent layers and a waterproof later just covering the center area.

Please note these are not replacing a nappy, they may not hold a whole wee, but more for the little accidents

Size 9-12months 
Suited to height: 71-76cm or Waist app. 45cm

Size 12-18months
Suited for height: 76-81 or Waist app: 48cm

Size 18-24months
Height: 81-91cm or Waist app 50cm

Size 2-3
Suited for height 91-96cm or Waist app 53cm

Size 3-4 Years
Suited for height 96-106cm or Waist app 55cm