Are you thinking about making the switch to shampoo bars?

My personal reason for switching to shampoo bars was from a waste perspective. I cannot give advice on the chemicals used in everyday shampoo and conditioners, but from an earth perspective, it's not hard to see the waste shampoo bottles produce. And it's not just the waste from the bottles themselves, but damage to the environment the factory processes cause, in both the packaging and the shampoo itself.

The shampoo bars I use, are made by a family run business in Sydney specialising in soap. They use no harsh chemicals, no palm oil or sulphates and no animal products. And their shampoo bars can replace 6 bottles of shampoo!

So this is my journey of switching from bottles of shampoo, to natural shampoo bars

Firstly take note, it is not always this challenging - for many it is a simple switch. 
But... I have a large amount of THICK hair! It was just a learning curve for me....
It's also important to know there is usually a transitioning phase, which for some can be a few washes and for some it can be many many washes. It depends on how much product your hair is used, to how thick your hair is, and your new washing routine. The transition phase can be described as feeling funny, the hair can look a little dull, greasy or sticky. It took me 12months to make the switch successfully, because I was making a few mistakes along the way. But remember, not everyone has this response; my sister for example, had no issues whatsoever.

During my transitioning journey, the struggle i was having, was my hair was soft and fluffy on top, but still tacky and greasy underneath. This went on for months! I tried different brands with no success. I tried conditioner bars but they also left a tacky/sticky residue.

How did i overcome this?  
  1.  Firstly i discovered Shampoo With a Purpose's OG Bar. Which is a shampoo and conditioner bar in one. I loved it so much, i decided to stock it Here
  2. Next is important: it is the soap SUDS that wash your hair, NOT the bar itself!! THIS changed everything
  3. Wash ALL of your hair!! I wasn't washing the length of my hair. I was washing the scalp and stopping there. But i actually needed to massage the suds into the whole length of my hair
  4.  And make sure you rinse it ALL out. If you leave some behind, there will be a stickiness. If, after you have done this, it doesn't feel clean - do it one more time. 
Should I use conditioner?
Conditioner is an individual choice. As the OG bar is a shampoo and conditioner in one, it is not necessary. But if you choose to use it, it's important to not rub it in like you do with the soap bar, but to rub in your hands and then glide over your hair, then thoroughly rinse it out
**Edit: I have been experimenting with the conditioner bar, and discovered, if i glide it over my hair whilst under the shower water, it adds a lovely glossy shine, without leaving a sticky coating!

Another option is Apple Cider Vinegar - "ACV Rinse" I alternative between the conditioner bar and this rinse.  

This is my regular wash routine
Once my hair is thoroughly wet, I lightly rub the bar over my scalp. Lifting my hair and rubbing, then moving around. I do a quick dip under the water and start massaging until the suds start to form. I may need to add some more soap and repeat. IF i'm not getting much lather, its usually because my hair is greasier, so I rinse it off and do it again. The second time you WILL get an awesome lather!! I then massage this lather throughout my whole hair. The slower you go, and the more time to take to learn how to do it well, will pay off in the long term.
Then i rinse THOROUGHLY

Conditioner/ or The ACV Rinse
Following this, I do 1 of 2 options: Most washes I will run the conditioner bar over my hair WHILST under the running water. I slide it over the length of my hair and the ends.
Then once every 3 or 4 washes, I do the ACV rinse: For this, I do 1/4cup of apple cider vinegar (ACV) with 2 cups of water, I have this prepped at the beginning of the shower.  I then dunk my long hair in the jug, before slowly pouring over my head. And lastly a quick dunk under the shower to wash off the vinegar off my body and hair - mainly to get rid of the smell. Once my hair is dry there is NO smell. Or, you can also add 1 drop of your favourite Essential Oil into the ACV rinse and when your hair is dry that is what you will smell.

Washing hair with shampoo bar 
So in conclusion, I am SO pleased I persisted.
There were moments I wondered if this struggle was worth it, but I was determined to not give up with the earth being my motivation. But don't forget, it's not this complicated for everyone, and hopefully my fails will mean you go straight to success!
I'm loving my soft eco hair that makes me feel proud with every wash. And I love even more, that my husband and young boys use it too!

Please note, this is my experience only. I cannot give professional hair advice, however if you have any questions on the washing routine, ask away!! I would love to know if my experience is helpful to you and your hair-washing journey

(I am not paid in any way to promote Shampoo With A Purpose, I just discovered their product suited my hair best, and decided to stock it for you too)


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Thank you for sharing. Top tips to improve my lather. I love the smell of OG shampoo.


I got tbe sample pack and loved it. I have just done another order.


One word or warning, be careful not to get vinegar in your eyes 👀- it stings! Other than that I have found ACV to be great!


This has just saved me so much time! Thank you for sharing your journey and I am heading online to buy myself some shampoo :-)


I’ve been inspired to try these after seeing your Instagram posts about them. Thank you for showing the photos of how much lather you get – great idea!


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