Swim Nappy for Older Child/ Disability Range

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Washable, reusable swim nappies are a great way to both save money and the environment

They are handmade by myself using a quick dry liner and waterproof outer  PUL. This is the waterproof layer used in modern cloth nappies. It is the best fabric to keep what happens inside the nappy... stay inside ! So as long as there is a tight seal around the thigh, the nappy will not leak any unexpected accidents into the pool! 

You simply swim, rinse, and repeat

They are designed with a wide crutch to make sure there is always a sealed leg, preventing leaks
There are 4 snaps on both sides to help you adjust them to get a snug fit and to make removing the nappy easier or if soiled. For the best fit, I recommended to put the swim nappy on whilst lying down with snaps: as this is vital to stop accidents leaking into the pool
Fold-over-elastic is used all the way around, so the Swim Nappy is flexible to be pulled up and down like undies if this is your preferred way

There are 2 sizes: Small Child and larger Child
(Please note the Larger size is not size-tested so is only guide until i receive more feedback)

- Small Child to fit approx 16kg - 20kg /Clothes size 3 - 6
(This is also labeled XL on my regular range - same price)
- Larger Child to fit approx 18kg - 30kg / Clothes size 5 - 10 (approx)

Swim Nappies are non-fundable for hygiene reasons

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