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Cloth Pads ~ VINTAGE FABRICS ~ Ready to ship

Cloth Pads ~ VINTAGE FABRICS ~ Ready to ship

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Which Size Pad?

All Pads come with wings:
🌿 Pantyliner: 16cm : Flannelette top - cotton towelling Core -flannelette backing (No waterproof layer)

🌿 Light: 21cm:: Flannelette top - cotton towelling Core - flannelette backing (No waterproof layer)

🌿 Regular: 23cm Flannelette top - bamboo core - hidden PUL - cotton backing

🌿 Heavy: 26cm: Flannelette top - bamboo fleece core - hidden PUL - cotton backing

🌿 Overnight: 30cm: Flannelette top - bamboo fleece core - hidden PUL - cotton backing

Once you make the switch, you wish you had done it so much sooner...
🌿 Reusable Cloth Pads now pre-made ready to ship to you straight away 🌿

Reusable cloth pads are surprisingly easier than you may think! They are softer, more comfortable and don't smell like disposable pads do. They are not bulky and do not slide around - in fact they have adjustable wings to help you get a snug fit. For a size and flow guide, have a look at the drop down menu, to choose the right length of pad for yourself. 

  • Repurposed Flannelette is used for the topping because it is fast absorbing. Some cotton's can leave you feeling wet, but  flannelette will draw the wetness into the absorbent layer, and is not hotter than other cotton pads
  • All pads are made with wings that snap underneath your undies, with 2 snaps for width variation
  • The wings are slightly towards one end, this is because some people bleed more to the front or back, and also incase they slide back just a little, you will have more coverage at the front
  • They have stitches on the wing to let you know which flow level your pad is

*Pricing is per pad

Care instructions can be found in the drop down menu above, but you will also receive a care card with your pads

Cloth Menstrual Pads can be stored and carried in Wet bags when you are out and about and at home, you can find them  Here

Care Instructions

Reusable Cloth Menstrual Pads, are surprisingly simple to use. Once used, Just store either wet or dry - they can be rinsed in your shower to save water, then keep in a Wetbag or bucket until laundry day. Put on a rinse cycle in the machine before washing as normal (A card will come with your purchase)

*Before first time use - soak the pads overnight in plain water, this will help the inner fabrics to reach their full absorbency*

International Shipping

Due to Insurance or import restrictions, I am unable to ship to many counties from my store. However most products can be ordered through Etsy. So if you would like something sent internationally, please enquire on my Etsy Shop via message and I will do my best to help:

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