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Branches Of Me

Purple Garden Handmade Reusable Swim Nappy

Purple Garden Handmade Reusable Swim Nappy

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Size Guide

Branches Of Me Reusable Swim Nappies are a flex-fit - meaning they will last between 3-12months per size (depending how fast your baby grows) When choosing the right size consider the following: If your baby has chubby thighs, or is closer the maximum weight, its best to order up a size as Swim Nappies are non-fundable for hygiene reasons.
They have 3 snap sizes to grow with your baby. 

Sizes available 

Newborn 3-5kg:   Similar to 0000 Clothes 

Small 5-7kg: Similar to 000/00 

Medium  7-12kg: Similar to 00-18months 

Large 10kg - 18kg     Similar to 14months-3yrs 

XL  15kg+            3yrs+

For larger sizes please see Older Child/Disability Range

Made To Order

Unless stated 'Ready To Ship', your Reusable Swim Nappy will be made within 1 week of your order, during busy periods this may be extended to 2 weeks. Please leave a note a checkout if you require your order by a certain date and I will do my best to prioritise for you

Washable, reusable swim nappies are a great way to both save money and the environment

They are handmade by myself using a soft liner and waterproof outer  PUL. This is the same waterproof layer used in modern cloth nappies. It is the best fabric to keep what happens inside the nappy... stay inside ! So as long as there is a tight seal around the thigh and waist, the nappy will not leak any unexpected accidents into the pool! 

You simply swim, rinse, and repeat

  • They are designed with a wide crutch to make sure there is always a sealed leg, preventing leaks
  • Fold-over-elastic is used all the way around making the Swim Nappy flexible to be pulled up and down like undies
  • But also with snaps to make removing the nappy easier on babies if soiled

These sizes are flexi-fits meaning they will last between 3-12months per size (depending how fast your baby grows) They have 3 snap sizes to grow with your baby. Please see the size tab to choose the right size for your child

Swim nappies are made within 1- 7 days of your purchase depending how long my current order list is. However If you need it urgently, please put a note on checkout and your order will be prioritised

When ordering, it helps if you can include your child's age, clothes size and weight (if known) in the orders 'comments' to help me make the right size for your little swimmer

Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions 

This Swim Nappy is handmade by myself, using the Aquarius pattern by Little Comet Tails 

Care Instructions

You'll be please to read that Branches Of Me swim nappies are very easy to care for

* If soiled; you drop the solids into the toilet, give it a rinse in the laundry sink and put it in the washing machine with the rest of your laundry. As simple as that!

You can also put on a rinse cycle on your machine instead of rinsing in the sink

* If it is not soiled, you simply give it a quick rinse to get the chlorine out and then hang out to dry

* The swim nappies can go in the dryer but it will shorten their life, so best to hang out to dry

International Shipping

Due to Insurance or import restrictions, I am unable to ship to many counties from my store. However most products can be ordered through Etsy. So if you would like something sent internationally, please enquire on my Etsy Shop via message and I will do my best to help:

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