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Adult/ Disability Range ~ Handmade Reusable Swim Nappy/Nappy Shell

Adult/ Disability Range ~ Handmade Reusable Swim Nappy/Nappy Shell

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Due to Insurance or import restrictions, I am unable to ship to US & Cananda. However for UK and Europe, please order from my Etsy store:

Thank you for viewing my handmade, large range reusable swim nappy.

They are handmade by myself using a soft liner and waterproof outer PUL; this is the same waterproof layer used in modern cloth nappies. It is the best fabric to keep what happens inside the nappy... stay inside ! So as long as there is a tight seal around the thigh and waist, the nappy will not leak any unexpected accidents into the pool!

(For international shoppers, please order through my Etsy store for VAT reasons:

They are designed with a wide crutch to make sure there is always a sealed leg whilst swimming, and fold-over-elastic is used all the way around making the Swim Nappy flexible to be pulled up and down like undies. But also with snaps, to make removing the nappy easier if soiled. They are designed with 4 adjustable snaps either side, to ensure there is a snug fit.

Due to the high rise and wide crutch, they can also be used for nappy covers over a disposable nappy or slip

For size advice, I invite you to message me to discuss which size would suit you best. The sizing is approximate, as I receive more feedback on sizing:

Adult Size Small: 50kg - 65kg - Similar Size to Depends Brief Nappy Small
Adult Size Medium: 60kg - 90kg- Similar Size to Depends Brief Nappy Medium
Adult Size Large: 85kg - 105kg- Similar Size to Depends Brief Nappy Large

Swim nappies are made within 3- 7 days of your purchase depending how long my current order list is. However, If you need it urgently, please put a note in the cart, and your order will be prioritised

When ordering, it helps if you can include some measurements in the order's 'cart notes' to help me make the right size for you: Height, waist around the belly button and around the thigh are very helpful.

Please don't hesitate to contact me with any questions

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For NDIS Participants

Please read for NDIS advice

If you wish to claim this washable swim nappy on your Consumables, please leave your NDIS number in the cart notes, or email me after purchase and I can send a receipt with your NDIS number. If you require an invoice, you are welcome to email me before purchase.
Please note. I cannot advise if you are able to claim products, this is dependant on your individual plan